Gold American Eagle Sales Are Soaring Due to Fiscal Cliff Threat

December 10, 2012

Demand for gold coins among American investors has soared since the presidential election, as investors are growing increasingly worried about the lack of action to address America’s debt problems.

The US Mint’s sales of American Eagles, the most popular bullion coin, soared 131 per cent in November, hitting the highest level in over two years. November was also the strongest month in 2012 for gold Maple Leaf coin sales for the Royal Canadian Mint.

The political gridlock in Washington and the prospect of further quantitative easing when the Federal Reserve’s “Operation Twist” expires at the end of 2012 have fuelled demand for gold investments among investors.

While the jump in gold bullion coin sales highlights gold’s role as the preferred safe haven for investors, investors should realize that bullion coins make up a relatively minor sector of the investment market for gold coins.

Rare gold coins, for example, offer security, privacy and performance advantages over gold bullion coins. They are immune from possible government restrictions on private gold ownership. They are anonymous and, because of their scarcity, they can appreciate even when the price of gold is falling.

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US Mint Gold American Eagle Sales Rise and Two Big European Banks Bullish on Gold

July 2, 2012

There are two very positive news stories circulating today about gold which should make everyone who has already included gold in their financial planning very happy. If you are still considering adding gold investments to your financial plan, these two stories should reinforce a positive decision.

First, the US Mint reports that sales of Gold American Eagles continue to rebound. June sales were the strongest since March and higher than May, which is unusual, with June usually being a seasonally softer month. Investors are flocking back to gold due to worries over the European financial crisis.

Those worries were reflected in two separate positive reports on gold from European banks:

Barclays Capital, one of the largest banks in the United Kingdom, issued an advisory that the “macro environment remains bullish for gold.”

Commerzbank, a major German banking firm, also declared that it too is optimistic for gold.