Friday Fun: CNBC – What $1,000,000 Buys You

August 26, 2011

With the Dollar in a pro-longed slump being a millionaire isn’t what it used to be. Let us be honest Thurston Howell probably couldn’t afford the 3-hour tour that ended him & Lovey stranded with Gilligan & the Skipper.  Yet, even one million dollars can still purchase a few golden opportunities as you will see.

Friday Fun: CNBC – 10 Outrageously Expensive Fast Foods

July 22, 2011

You may ask: What does fast food have to do with the price of Gold in China? Other than the fact it will take more than a couple of ounces of Gold to purchase some of the meals on this list, nothing. But it is Friday and that is when we have our Friday Fun segment. Besides after a long week you might want to refresh yourself with one of these delights, our recommendation is the bowl of chocolate ice-cream from  Serendipity in New York, NY.

Follow the link above and enjoy!

Friday Fun: Reuters – Rare Billy the Kid photograph sold for $2.3 million

July 1, 2011

Credit: Reuters/Mark Leffingwell

By Keith Coffman
DENVER | Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:27am EDT

(Reuters) – The only authenticated photograph of infamous Wild West gunslinger Billy the Kid was auctioned off to Florida billionaire William Koch for an $2.3 million on Saturday night.

Koch, an energy company executive and well-known collector of art and American West artifacts, placed the winning bid in person before stunned onlookers at Brian Lebel’s annual Old West Auction in Denver.

Lebel said at an auction preview that he expected the tintype image to sell for between $300,000 and $400,000.

Koch told Reuters after the auction that he plans to allow some small museums to display the piece, and after that he will “just enjoy” the iconic piece.

“I love the old West,” he said. “This is a part of American history.”

The metallic photo, taken outside a Fort Sumner, New Mexico, saloon in late 1879 or early 1880, depicts the outlaw gripping the upright barrel of a Winchester carbine, with a Colt 45 pistol strapped to his hip.

The photograph was owned by the descendants of Dan Dedrick, who was given the photo by his cattle rustling partner, Billy the Kid himself.

Born Henry McCarty, but known in New Mexico as William Bonney, the Kid was shot dead at age 22 by lawman Pat Garrett in 1881, months after a jailbreak in which Bonney reportedly killed two deputies.

In the 130 years since his death, Billy the Kid has been depicted, with varying degrees of accuracy, in scores of popular culture movies and books.

Koch’s winning bid was actually $2 million, but a $300,000 “buyer’s premium” was tacked on, bringing the total selling price to $2.3 million, an auction spokeswoman said.

Brian Lebel said he was pleased that the photo wasn’t sold to an overseas buyer.

“I’m happy that it will stay in this country and will be shared with the public,” he said.

Koch is one of the sons of Fred C. Koch, founder of Wichita, Kansas-based energy conglomerate Koch Industries, one of the largest private companies in the United States.

Blog note: When you consider the purchase of this item is solely based on rarity (total metal value is less than 50 cents); Carson City coinage not only gives the rarity factor but also the value of the gold & silver they were  minted from. Makes you wonder who is getting the real value!

Friday Fun: CNBC – Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

June 24, 2011

With Summer upon us many families are taking some time to vacation. This often takes the form of various hotel rooms over the length of a given trip. Here are a few that only some of the worlds elite can afford. That is unless your Tangible Asset Portfolio is performing to exceptional levels. See if you can guess what is our favorite hotel? (Think a Bridge to a solid gold chandelier)

Friday Fun: CNBC – Unique Ways to Own Gold

May 6, 2011

We recommend to our clients various ways to own precious metals, but we stick to the more traditional means of rare coins, ingots, bullion coins etc. CNBC  entertains some of the more interesting ways to make your gold purchase. One of our favorites is the golden lingerie, the other was the gold-plated Infiniti. We are checking with the local police on the latter to see if it will show up in the next government auction.

Click the picture and check out the rest!

Friday Fun: 24-Karat Gold Vending Machine

March 25, 2011

Gold is showing up everywhere, even in vending machines? Yes right next to the gum and Red Bull machines are the bling bling gold vending machines. These are not the old fashion put in a quarter and get your gold-like Dick Tracey Decoder-ring. But pull out your American Express Platinum and get those 24K cuff links you needed for your next black tie event. To see more unusual vending machines check out the collection of 12 here – CNBC: 12 Alternative, Unusual Vending Machines

Friday Fun: Where the Millionaires Live

March 11, 2011


A recent survey of millionaires said that 41% were going to invest in Gold this year, with another 24% stating they were going to invest in other metals.  There is a saying that goes, If you want to know where to invest see where the wealthy invest…

It would only seem logical, if 41% of millionaires are investing in gold the average investor should give serious thought to following suit. So, where is this all going? Of course we encourage you to acquire gold. We also encourage you to see where the rich live – CNBC: US States with the Most Millionaires 2010