The Great Inflation Cover-Up

The general consensus for quite some time in the US has been that inflation has not been a factor in the US economy.

But there is a substantial amount of evidence to indicate that inflation DOES exist in the US economy and has existed for some time. However, government agencies and big Wall Street insiders find inflation to be an inconvenient fact–so they cover it up.

The federal government manipulates and fudges the inflation measures to underreport inflation and Wall Street then parrots the government statistics to their own purpose. You see, historically, high inflation has been decidedly unfriendly for the stock market, so Wall Street has a vested interest in low inflation. High inflation is, of course, very positive for gold investments.

What’s the federal government’s angle? There are several. First of all, high inflation doesn’t help incumbents get re-elected. Second of all, high inflation gets in the way of the Federal Reserve‘s scheming…

There is a great deal of evidence that inflation DOES exist and has existed over the past decade. The report linked below provides evidence of rising price levels, despite the government statistics to the contrary…


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