Inflation Takes Surprise Jump in Europe

The chickens may already be coming home to roost in Europe.

For some time Europe has had a very loose, inflationary monetary policy, so it should come as no surprise perhaps that inflation rates are already higher than expected.

Europe may very well be the “canary in the mineshaft.” Other regions of the world, including the USA, have adopted very similar monetary policies. Investors should take notice and invest in assets that not only protect them from high inflation, but actually benefit from high inflation.

Gold investments, rare gold coins in particular, are ideally suited for just such a purpose. They have historically outperformed paper investments during periods of high inflation. But the time to buy is now–before inflation shows up in earnest in US inflation gauges.

Note that in the article linked below, several of the European Union nations are in recession at the same time that these inflation numbers have surfaced. The combination of inflation with recession is known as stagflation, an economic affliction that is particularly damaging to paper assets and positive for gold investments.

Inflation in the 17 countries that use the euro rose unexpectedly to a six-month high in September…

No reasons for the increase were provided by Eurostat, as the figure was only a preliminary estimate, though higher energy costs are likely to blame.


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