Ignore the Talking Heads Acquire Gold Now!

On a daily basis, we follow the nuances of the Precious Metal & Rare Coin markets. Experts everywhere talk about the upside & downside of these portions of the market. We pass much of this information on to our readers in an effort to educate and aid in your decision of when to acquire or potentially sell. Of late, the mantra given is Buy on the Dip & Gold is still a fundamentally sound investment.

I read an article recently that asserted listening to daily news can impair your judgement about the right investments. In other words, you get too much insight and you cant see the investment for the trees. They suggested to read on the subject from the macro not the micro. The set long term goals and stick to them.

This is why we often bring up an investment goal of a conservative 10% to aggressive 20%of your net worth invested in a diversified precious metals & rare coins portfolio. We call this a Tangible Asset Portfolio (TAP) it is a long-term plan with a definable goal. While we will continue to watch the news and disseminate the information to you we will never lose track of the long term goal. Own gold as a diversification  to your overall investment and keep your TAP just as diversified to preserve your hard earned wealth.


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