China to the Rescue of Euro – Boosts Gold

Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan

Much like last summer when Gold rose and fell with every changing wind of the US Dept crisis, this winter Gold is clinging to every shift of the EU Debt crisis. In a not so surprising move China’s central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said on Wednesday, The People’s Bank of China has always maintained close cooperation and contacts with the European Central Bank, and we support each other in many policy aspects. The PBOC firmly supports the ECB’s recent measures to address the difficulties. In other words, China will continue to buy up cheap European debt as a continuation of their move to become the worlds debt collector.

China’s commitment boosted gold in early trading today pushing the yellow metal up 1%. Gold continues to trade in the $1,700’s and should continue to for the near future.  This makes gold a buy as it nears the $1,715 price and hold closer to $1,775.  The next major move in gold should come once any details are released after the finalization of the EU Debt agreement.

Still in the minds of most investors is the impending move by the Fed to start QE3 before the end of this election cycle. Over the last month Fed Chair Bernanke refused to rule out firing up the printing presses to fuel the downward trend of the Dollar. Bernanke may be getting nervous that the Dollar is strengthening too much during this current Euro crisis and will want to put on the brakes. All of this should send the price of gold higher in the coming months.

Now would be a good time to start or reinvest in your tangible asset portfolio, making sure you are at a conservative 10% to aggressive 20% of your net investments. This will provide the financial insurance needed to weather the coming economic storms on the horizon.


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