Thanksgiving is the day we have chosen to be thankful to our God for the provisions we enjoy in this country. Set aside the Pilgrims, Turkey, Macy’s Day Parade & Black Friday creep into Thursday night and focus that we live the greatest country in the world, we enjoy unprecedented freedoms, we can still worship God in our own way. Many around the world can not say this. In fact, many around the world  wouldn’t even have legal access to something as simple as blogs.

We have many things that are troubling: the economy, ongoing wars, political stalemate, unemployment among other things. Yet, in spite of all this, we have a hope that out of this mess will come people who due to the freedoms we  enjoy will create solutions to the problems, as we have for over 200 years.

Take time as you sit at your family table, look around at each person seated there and be thankful for them. Be thankful for the table & house it is in, ultimately reflect on the great provision God has blessed us with and give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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