Diversify into Physical Gold

There have been a number of experts talking up gold int he last month as gold has reached highs above the $1,900 mark. Most of these are calls to own gold stock. The bottom line—if you don’t own any gold, use this opportunity to start building a position in the precious metal that is at least more than 10 percent of your portfolio. Consider the sell-off to be a gift that you shouldn’t be getting given all that’s wrong in the world now, Jim Cramer of Mad Money said on CNBC.

We believe this is the right call for your stock portfolio. But it is not the entire picture. The entire picture is your entire net worth.  Stocks, bonds, house, IRA’s anything that makes up your net worth. Take that number and figure you should have insurance against a collapse of your net worth. We believe holding physical gold, silver & rare coins is the insurance solution for your finances.

A Tangible Asset Portfolio at a conservative 10% to aggressive 20% of your net worth will secure your financial future against any failures of stocks, bonds, real estate, IRA’s & other investments. This portfolio should be diversified in gold, silver & rare coins not relying on one segment alone but using each to balance the whole. Look at your financial position today and make sure you have a fully funded TAP  to insure against financial disaster.


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