Mad Money’s Jim Cramer: Buy Some Gold on the Way Down

The markets are Topsy-Turvy  all over the place. The European markets are up and down with every changing financial wind. Mad Money’ s Jim Cramer, who is not often a friend of gold, made the statement on CNBC, …feel free to trade. But I would rather stick to high-yielding stocks, stay diversified with cash, and buy some gold on the way down.

This is often our position when advising about acquiring rare coins and precious metals, buy on the dips and hold for a business cycle.  We are all aware that diversification is key to any investment portfolio Cramer’s position of high yield stocks, cash, and gold is similar to other diversification plans we have discussed. (See Marc Faber’s recommendations) A position in gold, silver & rare coins will continue to stabilize your portfolio during this tumultuous market swing.

Even Cramer admits that holding the position he recommends will protect against the coming financial onslaught. He ended by telling CNBC in reference to the US/Euro Debt issues, when we get the resolution, you will be ready for whatever financial cataclysm awaits us, even as I can tell you it won’t be as bad here as it is there. Cramer knows the cataclysm is on its way! BE PREPARED!


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