9/11 Remembered

Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of worst terrorist attack in US history. On par with the attack on Pearl Harbor  & the Kennedy assassination, anyone who lived through that day recalls where they were when the planes hit the Twin Towers. We recall with a collective memory the moments of horror, the moments of sheer terror and the moments of bravery & sacrifice.

We see the world in new terms. We are at war with Global Terrorism. We left the American Century behind and moved into the Global Century. Everyday life has changed not just in the US but everywhere. That one day let the world know if this kind of terror can happen on US soil then no one is safe. It is as if the fate of the world was united in one day as a line was drawn in the sand defining the civilized from the terrorists.

We want to remember the victims of this attack. Those aboard the four planes that never made a safe landing home to their families. The ones trapped in the World Trade Centers North & South Towers as they collapsed into a mass of molten metal, glass and humanity. The emergency responders who went in the Towers  sacrificing their lives so that others might live. Finally, those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in serving on the front-lines in the War on Terror. They too are the ongoing victims of 9/11.

Yet, as we remember this day, the changes it brought & those who have given their lives in and because of this attack. We look forward, working to honor their sacrifice, so that they will not have died in vain. We live changed by this day, hopefully for the better, realizing the importance of each moment, cherishing these with our families & friends. Take a moment, look around at those your life touches and remember.


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