Experts Call For a Recession – Gold Trades Higher

Under the best of conditions, the US economy moves into a Recession on average every five years. Based on current indications many experts are calling for a high probability of another recession. There’s now a 50% chance that we could slide into a new recession. Nothing has given us much growth, Harvard University economics professor Martin Feldstein told Bloomberg. This economy is really balanced on the edge.  With today’s job numbers of zero growth for the first time since the end of World War II it shows the Recovery of 2010 was shallow at best.

There have even been some indications that the effect of another recession in the face of such a weak recovery could even push the Economy into a Global DepressionRoger Nightingale, economist and strategist at RDN Associates, told CNBC, We are probably going into negative territory around spring of next year; it is not for certain, but that is the most likely scenario. I would say the recession is 65 percent, 75 percent certain. He added, When the downturn ends, and when the upturn begins, will it be powerful enough to take us into some sort of growth again? Or are we going to find ourselves in a protracted depression-type scenario? Nightingale said a seven year Depression scenario would be the shortest time-frame he could think of.

These types of indications are continuing to drive investors to Gold & Silver as safe-haven and push the pricing upwards. The savvy investor will consider taking their financial portfolio & increasing or starting a Tangible Asset Portfolio. Consisting of Gold Silver & Rare coins at a conservative 10% to an aggressive 20% of your total net worth. Dr Marc Faber even called of investments in Gold & Silver as high as 30% of your net worth. Something to consider as the experts call for Recession in the next six months.


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