Silver Still Very Affordable at Over $41

Silver has been the stable little brother to Gold over the last month.  While still maintaining a 44 to 1 ratio against Gold it has not seen the wild swings of late as Gold has. Yet, on the year it has out performed Gold going up 35% vs 29% for the yellow metal.

Both Gold & Silver realized these substantial  gains in the face of multiple margin increases to encourage real investors, not speculators. This is especially good for Silver since May endured a 16% retraction. Silver is expected to continue a steady climb for the remainder of the year. Where it will end is still questionable but we expect another 5% to 10% gain from today’s levels.

This makes Silver an affordable alternative to Gold, and a valuable asset in your own Tangible Asset Portfolio. Each TAP  should consist of 25% to 30% Silver related coins & bullion.  Remember Silver in your investments it is still positioned for gains at a price about anyone can afford.


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