And In Other News…

Gold is up on the continued issues with the global stock markets. Europe had its largest loss in 3 years last night dropping over 400 points. Today the Dow is down 400 points back in the 11,000 range. This volatility had led many investors to sit out of the market by moving into Gold holdings.

Gold should continue its current jump for the near term helping push the totals closer to the $2000 mark.  There is a growing concern that the global economy is heading into another recession similar to the double dip that was experienced during the Great Depression.

Moving forward there should be a direct correlation as the markets move up or down Gold will move the opposite direction. I would take another look at acquiring more gold & silver at the current levels waiting for the retractions to make your moves. Re-evaluate your position once the markets & gold start moving in the same directions again. At that time there may be a reason to check your holdings and make sure your diversification will uphold through the market shift.


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