Forcasted: Slow Growth & Debt Crisis Fuel Gold

Some experts are calling for a Double Dip recession, while others are saying no recession just slow growth & inflation.  In either scenario, gold stands a good chance of continuing into its run into the second decade of gains. Paul Dietrich, chairman at co-chief investment officer at Foxhall Capital was quoted in Forbes, We believe there will not be a double dip recession in the United States because almost every indicator, except housing, is showing the economy is still growing—just very slowly.

Of course, the National Debt looms as the 800 pound gorilla in the economic room. . With the US debt bubble still firmly in placeDietrich stated further in Forbes, investors should expect oil, commodities, gold and precious metal prices to rise again later this fall after taking a breather over the summer. This is a glass half full scenario looking for the best in a horrible situation.

During these times gold & silver generally continue to provide safe-haven investment for money managers, central banks & the savvy individual investor. Whether you buy into the Double Dip or not, one thing you should not miss is the opportunity to buy gold & silver during the current retraction.

Read further: Forbes – No Double Dip, But Gold Seen Rising as US Debt Woes Persist


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