Charm City Coin Show

Domino Sugar In Baltimore, MD.

June 15, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland.

This blog mostly covers the local, national & global pressures on rare coins & precious metals, often encouraging the faithful to get on board with investing in a Tangible Asset Portfolio. You may wonder where one acquires the many rare coins & bullion metals? One source is the whole-sale dealers, another and quite possibly the most exciting way is at a regional coin show, much like the one currently in Baltimore, MD.

The Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo has a large contingent of dealers, buyers & a full blown bidding auction. This morning I was allowed the opportunity of sitting in on a Lot Viewing.

If you think sounds boring, you might have a point, yet it allows dealers a chance of inspecting coins prior to purchase for re-sale to collectors or investors, such as you. I found this process intriguing & educational. I learned more in the couple of hours of going through coins than I have over the last year.

The first bidding begins tonight. I will be watching with added interest in some of the coins I inspected earlier today. While there wont be any bidding myself, I have made mental notes & bets on how high my favorite coins might go at the sound of the final hammer.

Stay tuned for more fun in the sun from Baltimore, a truly Charmed City.


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