Summer Recess: Metals In Holding Pattern

One week of summer down, 12 more to go until the traditional September run of metals.  Summer is the usual time for metals to basically do nothing. Unless, there is some paradigm shift on a global scale (the total collapse of the Dollar) metals take the summer off. That is to say, there are usually no major gains or retractions in the market.

This makes for a great time to re-evaluate your position in your Tangible Asset Portfolio (TAP). Check to see if the 3 legs making up your TAP is balanced & prepared for the coming movement in gold & silver starting in September. Each TAP should consist in its most basic form of 1/3 each gold bullion, silver bullion & rare coins. These can be adjusted based on current market trends but as a rule hold no more than 40% of any one of these 3 classes.

Diversity is key in all investing, followed by knowing the markets in which you invest. Not all bullion’s are equal some traditionally hold value better than others. While some rare coins are hot others are not, like Commemorative’s reached highs about five years ago they have drastically retracted in recent years. Now is the time to reset your TAP taking this time to set up for the next move in metals.

Just because gold & silver are in relative holding patterns doesn’t mean you should be also, acquisition is the counterpart to diversity. Keep adding to & adjusting your TAP providing the best insurance for your over-all investment portfolio.


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