Gold Standard Primer

The Gold Standard is idealized by gold-bugs & loathed by Keynesian economists. The gold-bugs are nostalgic for the economy of yesteryear, where gold reigned supreme, backing currency to the fullest.  Those were days of wine & song where everyone owned a Ford Edsel, lived in perfectly manicured neighborhoods with rosy cheeked wife & kids.  All the best of the past, with none of the squalor of tenement shacks & children work houses.

Then come the Keynesian brave new world of floating fiat currency, backed by GDP and the power of the people to produce goods and services. They want and call for government intervention. They believe in a strong central bank that manipulates currency keeping the economy moving forward with minimal downturns. The economist knows best!

The pendulum has swung to the extreme of Keynesian economics and has people talking more about returning to a gold standard. People are looking for stability in pricing, inflation to be stemmed, & real pay increases stopping the sliding standard of living.   What a gold standard wont do is fix economic cycles, nor will it stop unemployment, or balance the budget.

What a gold standard will do is help stem the avalanche of indiscriminate money printing. It will also keep the central banks honest on the value of currencies. Gold gives a definable valued based on the limited amount of gold in the world. It is a solid basis that can be measured and hedges against accountants manipulation of numbers.

Since the central banks globally are not returning to any form of a gold standard anytime soon nothing can stop you from starting your own gold standard. By starting a Tangible Asset Portfolio (TAP) with a conservative 10% to aggressive 20% of your net worth you can stabilize your personal finances. While the rest of the economy is in shambles your personal TAP will give you the financial security the central banks refuse to offer.

Read more: Forbes – What Is the Purpose Of A Gold Standard.


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