Portugal Pressures Gold Higher

Jose Socrates, the Prime Minister of Portugal

Portugal, one day prior a big EU conference, is voting on a fourth austerity package in the last 12 months. Prime Minister Jose Socrates called for this latest measure in an effort to keep Portugal from having to be bailed out of its debt problems, much in the same manner as Greece & Ireland. The opposition parties have vowed to defeat this measure, if they succeed Socrates said he will tenure his resignation.

This would make the third nation in the EU to have succumbed to the debt crisis in Europe. Add this to the crisis in Japan & a civil war in Libya gold & silver press upward as safe-havens from the danger, debt & coming inflation. How long here in the US will we keep our house of cards afloat? Can Bernanke & the Fed guide us through the quagmire of bail-outs & Wall Street shenanigans to a brighter future with out bankrupting the Dollar? Do you want to take your chances they will look out for your best interest?

We suggest you take this bull-market by the horns & start or add to a Tangible Asset Portfolio. These pressures on the market are not going away in the near future. So, arm yourself with the financial insurance you deserve. A conservative 10% to aggressive 20% of your net worth diversified in rare coins & bullion will provide all the coverage you need.


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