Allied Ground Forces Predicted to be in Libya by End of Year

Launching of Tomahawk missle into Libya.

This weekend saw an impressive display of Allied fire-power in Libya. France, Great Britain & the US enforced an UN imposed no fly zone over Libyan air space.  This was led by over 127 Tomahawk missile strikes aimed at strategic military installations. Military experts look for Col. Muammar Qaddafi to either go into exile or be forcibly removed from power in the next 6 months. This will inevitably lead to troops on the ground to stabilize the situation according to Mike Lyons CBS Military correspondent,we will not get out of Libya without putting troops on the ground there at some point to get security force whether they’re blue helmeted troops — US forces or coalition forces but there will be foreign soldiers stationed in Libya before the year’s out.

This along with the recovery in Japan will continue to apply pressure to the precious metals markets for the remainder of the year.  Gold is entering its 10th consecutive quarter of gains at $1,430, while silver is on its 9th consecutive quarter of gains at $36.10. This trend shows no signs of slowing in the next 3 quarters. The Middle-East unrest, Japan’s recovery and ongoing nuclear problems, along with strong demand from emerging middle-classes in China & India continue to drive prices forward.

For the smart investor, precious metals indicate more gains for the remainder of the year. Now is the time to acquire gold & silver in your tangible asset portfolio. If you don’t have one it is still not too late to start one today. The world keeps changing, the dangers are out there, give your over-all portfolio the protection it deserves.


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