Gold & Silver to Become Legal Tender in Utah

Utah State Capital Building

This almost made the cut for the Friday Fun, since we were like giddy kids once we heard that the Utah legislature passed a law legalizing gold & silver currency for the state.  All that is needed is Gov Gary R. Herbert’s signature to bring Utah back on the gold standard.

Republican Brad Galvez who was the House sponsor of the Substitute Currency Amendment told Forbes, this is a step in preparedness, a step in security that allows us to be able to hold up our economy as the dollar continues to shrink. Meanwhile back in Washington DC… The Fed shows no signs of slowing down the presses churning out the next $600 Billion of Quantitative Easing all of it back by US Debt.

Other states are looking to follow Utah’s lead, Montana, Missouri, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Washington have proposed legislation to include gold and silver in its accepted currency forms. With Utah’s shot across the bow of the Fed it can’t be long before more fiscally responsible states consider a Sound Money Act of there own.

Read more at –Forbes: Utah Signals Dollar Distress


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