Is the Fed Inducing Stock Bubble?

Ben Bernanke & the Federal Reserve’s QE2 is assisting Wall Street back over 12,000. One must ask how long & how far will this bull run continue to to go. On his most recent trip to Congress Bernanke stated when asked about a bubble market he saw little evidence that was happening. But he cautioned, Of course, nobody can know for sure.

You read it here first: Should the market go over 13,500 it will be time to look at finding a safe-haven before the market crashes. Is this a bold prediction? Not really, the market may head higher than that for the short term but as the last two crashes showed in the last decade it won’t hold at those levels. I don’t have some great technical indicator other than history.

One of the best safe havens is precious metals & rare coins as part of a tangible asset portfolio. This should make up a conservative 10% to aggressive 20% of your total net worth. It can also go higher percentage for a short term safe-haven should the market bubble burst. Read further: Is Two-Year Stock Rally Just Creating Another Bubble?


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